WGAS – AutorAS, investigadorAS, lectorAS

WGAS (Working Group de investigadorAS y autorAS de cómic) stems from the activities of the WG2. Its aim is to investigate the characteristics of research, production and dissemination of works carried out by women, which deserve a specific focus in the context of the iCOn-MICs project. 

WGAS is a cross-sectional group which includes colleagues from the six remaining WGs to ensure equality in all the activities programmed in the project, promote the dissemination of a gender and queer perspective, and reinforce the voice of women and gender non-conforming subjects in those research areas in which they have historically been neglected and marginalised (comic genres, editorial practices, etc.). Webinars and online meetings are held within the WGAS and the coordinators, María Márquez and Nicoletta Mandolini, periodically discussed the lines of action. 

The series of webinars with women and gender non-conforming researchers and authors from the Ibero-American field have provided an important overview of the academic and editorial work that is currently being developed in the field of comics production. 

Another of the objectives of the WGAS is to know the specific situation of women researchers who study Ibero-American comics (heterogeneity of study objects, ease of identifying specialized women teachers, job stability, etc.) for which the survey Soy investigadorA de cómic has been created and shared with colleagues who are part of our network as well as with speakers and guests at project activities. Its results will be published in a report to be presented before the end of 2023.

Currently, the WGAS is preparing their participation in international conferences as well as a themed volume that includes the Ibero-American comics-related experiences that have been shared in the webinars held between 2022 and 2023.

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