WG5 – Comics as a tool for teaching, learning and communication

WG5 focuses on the potential of comics as an educational tool in a variety of formal and non-formal education contexts. 

Our main areas of interest are: 

  1. Comic as a tool in teaching Spanish and Portuguese as a foreign language 
  1. Comic as a subject itself – What is a comic? How to teach comic? 
  1. Comic as an educational tool to address questions of difference, representation and social engagement. 
  1. Comics produced by NGOs and official institutions promoting equality against homophobia, racism, sexism, etc.  
  1. How to read and teach comics – workshops for teachers 
  1. How to make a comic – workshops with artists 
  1. Comic as a tool in itself: how to make your first comic books. workshops with artists 

WG5 is currently working on several surveys on comic as a teaching tool and on Pedagogical Guides about Spanish and Portuguese comics. 

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