WG4 – Building bridges for research-society-industry transfer

The objective of WG 4 is to foster the interlinking of the research community with institutional, social and industrial actors in the field. We are particularly interested in the promotion of international knowledge of the artistic production of Iberian comics, working with professional, cultural and industrial institutions. 

To achieve its goals, WG4 will create and conduct a number of surveys on questions such as the Iberian market and sociocultural perception of comics, the impact of award-winning Iberian and Latin American, or the social and economic status Iberian authors. We will organize webinars and training schools and design virtual on-line exhibitions. For the first grant period, WG4 (in partnership with WG1) will organise an online workshop on Preservation and Heritage of Iberian Comics) focusing on special collections in public and private libraries and organisations.  

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