WG3 – Iberian Comics as a Form of Intercultural Dialogue

WG3 looks at the circulation of comics works and authors of the Iberian cultural area, their influence in other comics cultures while, conversely, fostering an understanding of the influence of other comics cultures in Iberian comics. In addition, WG3 will promote exchanges within the research and publishing fields of Portuguese and Spanish-speaking communities. 

WG3 centers its activities around the idea of intercultural dialogue, which we define as expressions of any ongoing or past cultural exchanges between different comics traditions and their material expression in the published comic book. These expressions normally imply mediation through textual translation (as its most visible expression), but other processes are involved in these exchanges, such as migration, formal or informal pathways to trade (both physical and virtual), and the dynamics of popular genres and visual culture traditions, understood both in their published outputs and their reception (e.g., fandoms, press reviews, etc.). 

WG3 is currently involved in fostering the development of comics-specific translation resources and skills, and in the creation of a bibliography of relevant primary and secondary sources to the study of intercultural dialogue in the Iberian cultural area. 

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