Training Schools

Training Schools aim to facilitate capacity building on a topic relevant to the theme of the iCOn-MICS COST Action through the delivery of intensive training on a new or emerging subject. They are not intended to provide general training. 

Conditions of eligibility  

The Management Committee define which trainers and participants will be reimbursed (among those who are eligible). 

The Training Schools have to answer to the objectives of the Action and must be carried by a COST member country or by an approved Near Neighbour Country (NNC) institution. 

The countries considered as NNC countries are: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Russia, Syria, Tunisia and Ukraine. 

A balance between countries has to be respected among the participants 

All participants must register on e-COSTprovide their bank details before receiving an e-COST invitation and sign the enrollment list every day. 

Additionally, all participants shall submit via e-cost a completed online travel reimbursement request within 30 calendar days after the end date of the approval training school. 

Eligible trainers are: 

From COST member countries, Near Neighbour Countries, Institutions Partner Countries, approved International Organizations and from approved European Organizations 

Up to 4 speakers from: 

Non-COST countries.

From non-approved Near Neighbour Countries or Institutions Partner Countries. 

Eligible participants are: 

From COST countries, Near Neighbour Countries institutions and approved European Organizations 


Generally, the duration of a Training School is between three days (minimum) and two weeks. 

Financial support  

The costs that can be reimbursed according the daily rate depends on the country where the Training School takes place. The reimbursement covers the costs of accommodation, meals, local transport and the long-distance transport costs. 

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