The Action

The iCOn-MICs Action aims at carrying out Investigation on comics and graphic novels from the Iberian Cultural Area (Spain, Portugal, and Latin America).

Today, Iberian comics are struggling to position themselves on the global scene mainly because of past political and economic crises. A lack of recognition of the medium nationally and internationally has also contributed to this. Scholarship in the field of study has led more often than not to redundant initiatives. Primary sources and bibliographic sources are not easily accessible.

iCOn-MICs will address  these limitations and shortcomings by creating an international federating network of researchers, professionals, and end-users on Iberian comics. The objectives of the network are: to advance scholarship on the study of Iberian comics; to facilitate access to primary sources while at the same time strengthening their preservation and dissemination; to collate scholarly worksthrough the creation of a bibliographic repository ; and, to improve practices for using comics as an educational tool in order to highlight andenhance  the image of this medium.

iCOn-MICs will produce various tools destined  to a broad range of stakeholders including: a database gathering Iberian comics, authors, and research works; a professional website dedicated to the promotion of Iberian comics; and, a guide to use comics as an educational tool. To achieve these objectives and outcomes, the network integrates 17 European countries, including 7 ITCs (Inclusiveness Target Countries) and 3 countries of Latin America (International Partner Countries). The members of these 17 countries will work together for a period of four years (1st  October 2020 – 1st October 2024). By the end of this period, the sustainable synergies fostered between authors, publishers, readers and researchers in the field will represent a solid platform from which to develop further collaborations between researchers and the industry.

This Action will significantly strengthen the standing of Iberian comics in  the international scene. If Comics reflect the cultures and histories of Spain, Portugal and Latin America, research on comics will provide in turn new understandings  of the Iberian cultural area.

This network and its related activities are funded by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology). The grant is managed by the Clermont Auvergne University in France.


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