Conference on Preservation of the Iberian and Latin American Comic Heritage

The Action iCOn-MICs funded by the COST Association aims to promote research on Iberian and Latin American comics and graphic novels. The preservation and access to the cultural heritage of Iberian and Latin American comics is among the main lines of research for members of the Action. Traditionally overlooked by cultural policies, comics are beginning to be the object of interest in cultural institutions and museums, but most initiatives, both public and private, are discrete and disconnected projects that are in need of further support.

The objective of this online conference Preservation of the Iberian Comic Heritage is to establish what the reality of the comic book heritage is in the different countries covered by the project to provide an accurate overview of current initiatives, projects and resources, and to examine future strategies emerging out of existing international synergies, with particular attention to questions around the digitization of sources and their valuation. This conference will feature 10 recorded interviews that will present the various national realities, followed by a broadcast live discussion in which a panel of experts will be assessing potential schemes and strategies to establish the basis for future collaboration. The panel of experts, moderated by Daniel Tomás, is composed of Álvaro Pons (Spain), Claudio Aguilera (Chile), Laura Nallely Hernández (Mexico), Manuel Barrero (Spain), Catherine Ferreyrolle (France), José María Gutiérrez (Argentina) and Waldomiro Vergueiro (Brazil).

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Event organisers

The event is organised by Jorge Catalá-Carrasco (University of Newcastle) and Maya Quaianni (WOW Spazio Fumetto, Milan) in conjunction with Álvaro Pons (University of Valencia) as part of the research activities of two of our Working Groups, ‘Historical approach to Iberian comics’ cultural heritage’ and ‘Building bridges for research-society-industry transfer’.

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