International Conference: ‘Comics in the Contemporary Society: Challenges and Opportunities’ (12–14 June 2024, Brno (Czech Republic))

International Conference: “Comics in the Contemporary Society: Challenges and Opportunities” (12–14 June 2024, Brno (Czech Republic))

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As part of the research activities of iCOn-MICs, the Language Centre at the Masaryk University in Brno, in collaboration with the University of Clermont Auvergne is organising the international conference ‘Comics in Society: Challenges and Opportunities.’ Given the dynamic development that comics as a medium is experiencing in the Czech and Central European art scene in general, the Action is pleased to broaden the scope to include this cultural and geographical space as well.

The main aim of the conference is to explore the fascinating and often surprising web of connections that exist between comics and society, while also revealing the diverse opportunities that are open to those who engage with this art form. One of the aims is to focus on the new possibilities that are opening up not only for professionals but also for the general public.

The Conference will focus on the following thematic areas:

1) Comics in Society: one of the aims is to explore how comics reflect what is happening in society, how they respond to changes in the form of different attitudes, including critical ones, and how they thereby actively participate in shaping the particular form of a given society acting as a proverbial mirror that reflects a given social reality and allows readers to reflect on what is happening in society.

2) Comics for Society: a second area focuses on the use of comics as a tool to educate, inform and raise awareness about certain phenomena and facts in society. From this perspective, the aim is to address the use of comics in education, in the divulgation of science, or in outreach activities to promote cultural values and social awareness. In this context, the role of comics in institutional communication and the creation of cultural identities will be examined.

3) Institutions and their institutionalization: a third area will consider the processes through which cultural and educational institutions have influenced the legitimation and promotion of comics. In this context, it is important to analyse how the institutionalization of the medium has influenced its production and consumption and how it has affected the relationship of comics to other media, as well as to other fields of artistic production.

Submission of proposals:

Please note that all proposals submitted for consideration must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Title of the presentation/workshop
  • Thematic area in which the presentation/workshop intervenes
  • A 250-word abstract in English or in another conference language (Czech and Spanish) if the presentation is not in English
  • A 60-word biographical note
  • Up to 6 bibliographical references specific to the proposal
  • Please ensure that all proposals are formatted in .docx (Word) and submitted through the online registration form available here.

The submitted proposals will undergo blind review by members of the Scientific Committee. Presenters can anticipate receiving a response regarding the acceptance or rejection of their proposal by 3 june 2024.

When: 12-14 June

Where: MU Language Centre, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic 



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