iCOn-MICs – Call open for STSM Grants! (GP3)

The Grant Awarding Committee of the COST Action CA19119, iCOn-MICs “Investigation on Comics and Graphic Novels in the Iberian Cultural Area” offers for its third Grant Period (GP3) Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) providing financial support to eligible applicants to carry out a project that contributes to the scientific objectives of this Action. Please note that there is no deadline for applications, and the Committee will be accepting applications on a continuous basis until the end of GP3 (October 2023).

Please note that, in keeping with iCOn-MICs’ openness towards the Latin American region, we will give preference (though not exclusivity) for this GP3 to missions within our member countries (i.e., Chile, Peru, Mexico, and Brazil).

iCOn-MICs features five working groups:

  • WG1: Historical approach to Iberian comics’ cultural heritage
  • WG2: The metamorphoses of contemporary Iberian comics
  • WG3: Iberian comics as a form of intercultural dialogue
  • WG4: Building bridges for research-society-industry transfer
  • WG5: Comics as a tool for teaching, learning and communication

We also have a transversal WG, ‘autorAs’, WGAS, dedicated to the study of comics produced by women in the Iberian cultural area, which one can join after signing up for one of the main WGs.

Please go to the tab “Working Groups” on the iCOn-MICs website (https://iconmics.hypotheses.org/) for more information on each working group and consider in which group or groups your project fits best. Also note that STSM grants are a fixed contribution based on the applicant’s budget and their application’s evaluation. This grant does not necessarily cover all expenses, as it is intended only to contribute to travel and subsistence costs.

STSM grants are open to all researchers from institutions and countries participating in the COST iCOn-MICs Action or approved institutions. An STSM cannot be funded in the same country where the applicant resides.

Note: Please contact the Action’s Grant Awarding Coordinator Ana Matilde Sousa (asousa@campus.ul.pt) if you have any queries.

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